Horizon Cleaning - Chewing Gum Removal & Shop Front Pressure Cleaning & Graffiti Removal.

Chewing Gum Removal Service

Hot washing removal of chewing gum is completely effective and because it doesn't involve the use of chemicals the system is both environmentally friendly and won't damage the surface being cleaned.

For areas of high traffic the system also can be used to lightly clean the surrounding areas that are impractical to deep clean on a regular basis. Hot washing chewing gum removal is not only completely effective but is also relatively low cost and large areas can be cleaned relatively quickly. All work can be carried out at times suitable to customers (day or night,weekends, bank holidays etc)

Horizon cleaning are willing to call to potential customers and do samples to show the effectiveness of the system. Our existing customers include Tesco, Aramark, Ocpm, Gallagher Quigley, Melcorpo Commercial etc...

Chewing Gum Removal & Shop Front Pressure Cleaning and Graffiti Removal

  • Graffiti Removal Through Industrial Power Hose
  • Bubble or Chewing Gum Removal With Industrial Power Hose
  • Signage Pressure Cleaning
  • Shop Front Cleaning From Traffic Fumes or Dirt
  • Once a Month Contract Cleaning - Arrange Terms with Rory

Shop Front Cleaning